3 Jobs in Brazil for Americans and Foreigners

So you would like to know how to secure yourself a job in Brazil and need a push in the right direction?

You’re in luck, because in this post today, I am going to lay out 3 of the most common types of jobs in Brazil for foreigners, how you can find them and how you can launch a career in Brazil.

It’s no secret that Brazil is one of the up and coming economies, and with the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics being hosted in Brazil, there is a need for skilled foreigners to help out.

But where are the best job areas to look in and what kind of jobs in Brazil can you get that will cover your needs?

Let’s dive in!

1. A Job Teaching English

If you’ve been looking into moving to Brazil for some time now, you will definitely have heard a lot about opportunities for foreigners to get a job teaching English.

There is and will be more and more of a market for native or near native English teachers.  This is especially true as the economy turns more prosperous and international.

All eyes are on Brazil right now and the market for English teachers is huge.

In order to keep from repeating myself, I will point you to a guide I’ve created for you about teaching English in Brazil.

See: The Teaching English in Brazil Hub

In the hub I cover:

  1. The English teaching job market in Brazil
  2. The qualifications you need to teach
  3. Setting up your online English business part 1
  4. Setting up your online English business part 2
  5. Choosing an English teaching school
  6. Being self employed and getting a loyal following
  7. Resources tips and tricks

The hub has a lot of great information that I think you will benefit greatly from if you are considering the idea of working with teaching English.

2. White Collar High Educated Jobs in Brazil

Sorry, had to mention White Collar as I’m a big fan of the show….

Are you a skilled professional with a long formal education and a decent amount of experience?

Update April 2013: I’ve created a whole blog dedicated purely to getting jobs in Brazil (part 1 is in the link to the left), this series is based on my brush in with a 6 figure job in São Paulo and help from others who have succeeded.

Update October 2013: I’ve created an all-new FREE video series, where you are shown the best tips to launch a career in Brazil – check it out!

Then your way in may be to find a multinational business and that has jobs in Brazil.  This is especially a good option if you don’t have a network in Brazil where people can help you out.

As the Brazilian economy grows by leaps and bounds, the presence of multinational companies does as well.  This is because they are focusing more and more on investing in developing economies.  Unfortunately for Brazilians, these companies have a lot of positions to fill that Brazilians usually can’t.


Because Brazil has never had a need or the ability to educate people for certain highly skilled professions.  Think about it, have you seen or heard of any high-speed train lines in Brazil?  Nope, they don’t exist – yet…

A mock up of how the high speed train connection Rio to Campinas will look.

But with the 2016 Olympics coming, one is in the works and therefore highly skilled professionals from abroad are needed to help out – more jobs in Brazil for you!

This is just one example to give you an idea.

Where to find white-collar jobs in Brazil for foreigners

Job banks are a good place to find openings.  You can use Google.com to help you find different job databases that have positions in Brazil.

here are a couple of examples I stumbled upon from within the Oil industry:



Recruiting agencies

I haven’t heard too many success stories with people using recruiting agencies in Brazil.  To be honest, I haven’t heard of one foreigner find jobs in Brazil through this method.

This isn’t to say that an agency wouldn’t be helpful, it could be.  So, if you would like to use a recruiting agency, keep them on a short leash and try to arrange a deal where you pay them WHEN you land a job in Brazil.

Local Multinational companies with a presence in Brazil

If you don’t have Brazilian family and no real easy way into the country visa-wise, then this is the best option as these multinational companies have a lot of pull and know how to get you a business visa.

Research what multinational companies have a presence in Brazil and communicate with them on a one-by-one basis to see if they have any openings.

If they don’t have any openings in Brazil, it’s still a good idea to try and get a position within the company – especially if they have Brazilian projects within the near future.
You can usually get a list of what multinational companies exist in Brazil via the Embassy websites for the individual countries.

Here is a link to the American Embassy in Brazil http://brazil.usembassy.gov/index.html

3. Work For Yourself

What if you are like so many others who have found Brazilian love and can easily get a visa?

Well, you could still find a multination like above, teach English or just work for yourself.

Starting a Business in Brazil

You have a couple of options here:

  1. Purchase a pre-existing business
  2. Start your own from ground up

I usually recommend going with the second of the two options above unless you really can trust the person you are buying the business from.  Otherwise there are too many ways to get cheated as a foreigner.

If you decide to start your own business from ground up though, then there are a couple of ways of going about this:

  1. Start a local Brazilian business
  2. Work online in the Internet sphere

The easiest option is to start an online business as the paperwork and bureaucracy that follows it will be a much lighter load.

Though, if you decide to start a physical Brazilian business, you need to give yourself a lot of time and patience as a business can take a few months to officially open and register.

When I decided to work for myself and start a business, I started a videography company; I would film different recitals, graduations, weddings and so on.

By it just being me, it allowed me to have a business called a “Empresa Individual de Responsabilidade Limitada – EIRELI” (Limited Responsibility Individual Business).  The benefits of this, is that the tax rate is very low as long as you make under 100 times the minimum wage per year (about $R 65,000).

The opportunities for entrepreneurs is good at this moment in Brazil, especially within real estate and other foreign related services.

And as a word to the wise for any business start up, make sure that you have some savings to relay on during the initial phase of your business.

Launching a Career in Brazil

There is a lot to know about starting a career in Brazil as it can be a real jungle for us foreigners.  I talk to a lot of successful career foreigners and business owners in Brazil and their tips all point in one direction: getting a network, integrating into the language and culture and having the right strings to pull on.

Since jobs and careers are the single most asked aspect of living in Brazil, I’ve decided to cover it more in depth in a free video series.

In it, you will get the low down and have a great idea of your prospects as well as the next step to take, you can get ahold of the series here.

Final Words

This is a broad topic to cover as there are so many options and ways you could find jobs in Brazil.

My intention was to show you the easiest methods that have worked for me and others I know to get a work in Brazil.

In the future I will dive into these different areas in more detail and break them down for you more clearly (Update April 2013: I have begun and the first post is here).

Regardless of how you decide to provide for yourself in Brazil, the most beneficial thing you could do is to begin or continue networking.

And again I say “network” – connections in Brazil have an amazing amount of pull (think LinkedIn).

It’s all about who you know when looking for jobs in Brazil, how has it been to seek work for you?

Valeu – cheers!

P.S. if you didn’t see it above and are looking for a great solution to start a career in Brazil, then check my free video series out!

  • Thiago

    Hi! I’m brazilian from São Paulo and I found this site when I was looking for jobs in USA. If you wanna informations about São Paulo and Brazil jobs will be a pleasure help you. And of course, If you are american I’ll appreciate your informations about jobs in USA (I’m Systems Analyst). My e-mail : thgbrl@gmail.com. See you!

    • http://www.liveinbrazil.org/ Kevin Porter

      Oi Thiago blz?

      You are kind for offering your help – thanks!

      Will let you know if anything shows up – até!

    • Marcelo Augusto dos Santos

      Job there are a lot! The problem is the visa…

    • Annette Rubin

      Oi! Estou procurando emprego em São Paulo. Estudei Exercise and Movement Science, e me formei em Mayo de 2013. Voce term suggestoes para um trabalho me saude/exercisio/esportes?
      Meu email e annette.rc@gmail.com

    • Joe Ferraro

      Hello, my name is Joe Ferraro and I am US Business Person. As a former Accenture Partner, I started and lead my own management consulting company. My primary areas of focus are working with companies to improve their customer service and support capabilities through process re-engineering, application of innovative thinking, and deployment of new social media and other self-service channels. I also specialize in call center outsourcing and related business development. My fiance is Brazilian and we just returned from a month in Curitiba. I am very interested in working with companies in Brazil. Any advice or contacts anyone can provide would be geratly appreciated! Brigado! Joe

  • Noel

    I live in Wisconsin USA and in this area there are a lot of opportunities, I work in a furniture company and they hire like 35 new employees every week. I can give you more info if desire. However I want to live and work in brazil any help would be appreciated.

    • Suraj

      Could you please help me with the job opportunity. Right now I’m in real estate in India. Any help will be much appreciated.

    • Iara Damasceno

      Come here, ask the Brazilian embassy for more information

  • Michael Bj

    Interesting. So how does an experienced certified IT-Project Manager (PRINCE2 Practitioner) having technical database (MSSQL) skills as well get a job in Brazil?

    • Flavio

      I guess there are enough IT professionals available in the market, and the fact that you Brazilian wife is beautiful, won’t help you much !

      • Flavio Viado

        I guess Flavio is not a representative of the FRIENDLY brazilians. There is enough professionals in the market…, really? I am sure the same way like from physicians. :d Do not believe it Michael, keep on searching. Neste país tem suficiente viado ridículo como esse Flavio. E pode esquecer a esposa dos outros…que cague na boca da sua mai e a foda depois seu filho da puta! ;)

        • Iara Damasceno


    • http://www.liveinbrazil.org/ Kevin Porter

      There’s a lot of growth in the IT market and the market’s hunger is only growing. Though, being a specialist, you will need to get in tight with a company that can use you.

      You bring an organization that many Brazilian companies really need (or are realizing) – Prince 2 is great for that!

      Maybe plan a visit and do some networking?

      P.S. sorry for the long delay in response, didn’t see your comment until now!

  • Sergio Andre

    “Why?Because Brazil has never had a need or the ability to educate people for certain highly skilled professions. ” Are you stupid or what? Have you ever been to Brazil? Do you know anything about our scientific research and technology? By the way, good luck learning the language to work standards.

  • Marzena

    Hey.. I’ve just arrived to Brasil and want to stay for a longer time. If you know any job in Belo Horizonte let me know please. I would really appreciate your help !
    Obrigada :)

  • Marcelo Augusto dos Santos

    Yeah, I’m brazilian and I think that is not that difficult for an american to get a good job here. I used to work in a german company here and they used to hire foreigners… Also I had an American teacher at the school where I was studying English.
    But it’s easier if you’re already with a visa that allows you to work, ’cause the employer needs documents like CPF, CTPS and RNE to hire foreigners.
    If you’re planning to come to São Jose dos Campos (SP) and Taubate (SP) area, I’d be glad to help with informations and tips, I also wanna some tips to live in America for a while. My email is sda.marcelo@gmail.com

    PS: don’t come if you don’t like hot weather!

  • Manasses Soares

    Hi, I live in New Jersey and visited my family in Rio a couple of years ago. I fell in love with the city, it’s people, the culture, the natural lifestyle. Iv’e never felt more alive and energetic to live, love, and be happy. I know it sounds corny but, it’s true! So my goal is to eventually live and work there. I am a Manufacturing Designer/CAD 3D Modeler and have almost 10 years experience. Are there companies that pay in $USD that are multinational companies I can apply to? Or if there are national companies that are hiring, will they be more willing to pay a higher rate being that I am a North American native? I’m a single guy in my 30′s and time is running out so to speak. Is it worth it to try this bold move now or continue living into my retirement years in the US and just plan vacations there?

  • Muhammad Ashfaq


    hi every one plz send me information about Brazil market. we are trading from China, Pakistan, Turkey, like Asia region in textile, leather, garments…….. have a any opportunity here in trading………If yes so how to start business here. my email alrafyimpex@gmail.com. thank,s

    • Suraj

      Do you have anything to trade in India, Mumbai. Here Market is good


    Hi.. Im JANRY RIVERA, 26 years old, a Filipino and currently working in Malaysia as Head of Data Control, soon to finish my contract but really need to explore more interesting places like BRAZIL.. i wish to seek any Administrative or Data Management work there in Brazil. Hopefully anyone can help find this job. I can manage to spend all my expenses going there, only ensured JOB will be the best.
    my email: xtxjanry88@yahoo.com

  • Ashley

    What if you don’t have money to start a business, hate teaching English, and you’re not a white collar professional? Every blog I read lists the same 3 ideas. There are a lot of jobs in São Paulo but not for non Portuguese speakers.

  • sangam kr pandey

    i want a job in insurance or marketing job pls

  • Antonio

    Hello, my name is Antonio and I am an American citizen, currently living in Brazil, and a legal resident of Brazil. I live in Niteroi, RJ and am legal to work here as of July 30th, 2014. I am looking for work and having a hard time finding it due to of lack of networking. I am a machinist/mechanical engineer. If there is anyone looking for an experienced professional, please feel free to contact me via email: ajcardenas@live.com

    Thanks in advance.

    • Jeffry Inman

      Antonio, I would love to know how your job search went. I have wen trying to get a job in the Sao Gonçalo/Niteroi area for months from Texas, and have had no luck. If you have any tips or contacts for me that would be great! I wish you all the luck in your search! I hope it happens fast, and my experience is similar to yours, I am an aircraft mechanic with construction experience. My email is jeffryinman@yahoo.com. Good luck!

      • Antonio

        Thanks for the well-wishes Jeffrey. I have not been able to find employment yet and it is enormously frustrating. I was able to meet someone in the Japanese consulate that is looking for ship builders in the port of Rio. I just sent him my resume today and I will keep you posted on how that goes. My last job was design for a mega yacht yard in Fort Lauderdale, FL. so I hope this works out well. I never had this much difficulty finding work in the US…

  • Trevor

    I am currently a college student studying to be a Physical Therapist. In the last few years I’ve really developed a passion and love for Brazil and I’m considering a move there once I graduate. And so I was curious if anyone knows what the job market is like for Physical Therapy in Brazil? Thanks!

  • Martijn Lakeman

    Goodday to you all,

    Currently I am living with my wife (Brasilian) in the The Netherlands.
    We are looking for all possible advice we can get to make finding a job for me in Curitiba possible. Threw posting this, maybe someone has a great idea or ideas. In the Netherlands I am working for an multinational as a Customer Service Sales Representative Global Keyaccounts. My experience in this field is over 10 years and my English is in word as in speaking fluent. I was already thinking to send my CV to all multinationals in Curitiba but I dont know if this a good idea. Would be great if their is anyone willing to share their experience in finding a job in the same field as me. Ciao Martijn.