Speak Portuguese in 6 Months | Your Journey

It is possible for you to learn how to speak Portuguese in under 6 months.

The truth is that you want to be great at Portuguese, even fluent

And you do have the potential.

Of course you do. It’s just waiting to be shaped, nurtured and molded so that you can deliver great results.

I learned to speak Portuguese in under 6 months (I practice what I preach) and am here to show you how to do the same – or faster.

Join me every Friday through this series of blog posts as I give you the Portuguese Acceleration Blueprint that will launch you into fluency in no time.

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But before continuing, would you like to be let in on a little known secret?

Most people quite learning Portuguese within only 1 month of starting!

And here’s why…

Most people wont follow through on learning a language: and many language programs pry on this with their hyped up Portuguese courses that make loads of promises (amongst other things).

Because truthfully, about 70% of people quit learning Portuguese within only 1 month of starting!

Another 25% percent quite before they are fluent, and maybe the remaining 4-5% (that’s an optimistic number) actually become fluent.

The 95% Who Give Up Learning Portuguese Or The 5% Who Succeed?

How 95% of people give up on learning to speak Portuguese, could be narrowed down to about 5 major reasons:

  • A Bad language course
  • Misled expectations
  • Not enough time
  • Money
  • Frustration

Whether it’s a language course, time, expectations, money or a frustration issue, it’s holding you back from reaching your goal of learning Portuguese and it’s time to break free and be that 5%!

Let me tell you something, it’s really important for yourself and those (Brazilians?) around you that you are able to follow through and speak Portuguese.

Yes, it will be difficult, yes it will be frustrating at times, yes it will take time but it’s all in how you learn that makes all the difference and will make it fun.

And I want to share with you the blueprint that made learning fun and allowed me to be fluent at speaking Portuguese in less than 6 months, through this blog series.

Not to be bragging, but I arrived in Brazil for the first time completely fluent, people could not believe that it was my first visit! “No, you must have been living here for years!!” “Nope, just arrived a week ago.”

I’m here to help you be that 5%

I have personally learned 3 languages fluently (meant in all humility) besides my native language and understand these frustrations you have experienced – I’ve been through them myself and I want to help you.

That’s why this wont just be a series of weekly blog posts, but an acceleration blueprint that you can follow, implement and build – all while having fun at the same time.

Disclaimer: I’m not an official Portuguese teacher, rather a guy who’s been there and done that many times and would like to show you how to do the same.

You Can Learn to Speak Portuguese!

There is not one person on this earth that doesn’t have the potential to be great at Portuguese; it’s just all about unlocking the language techniques that work for you!

When learning Portuguese, it’s like building a highway.  You start by clearing away any brush or trees that may stand in the way so that the highway has a nice and clear shot.  Then you begin smoothing out and evening the dirt so that the next levels of the road will go down nice, evenly and structurally sound.

Finally, you lay down the nice, hot and smooth asphalt, which officially opens up the highway of communication!

Do you need a Portuguese Language Program?

One thing a Portuguese program does, is provide you with elementary materials in order to get the foundational theory into place.  You know, like the cement in the foundation or maybe the wood in the walls?

That’s only a small part of the whole process though…

… and as in the highway metaphor, they don’t help you create a blueprint that allows you to clear the brush and trees or lay asphalt.  They will give you the sand, gravel and dirt to put down to get ready for laying your surface – that’s it!

So the language program usually only plays a small part of the building process (even though they would like you to believe otherwise).  What’s important is that you have the right system into place before you lay down your proverbial highway.

In the end, all that matters is what allows you to cruise up and down the “communication” highway – asphalt….

Speaking Portuguese Right

Like in my highway metaphor from before, it has to be done right from the start, if no acceleration system is created, it will cause all sorts of problems and hazards along the way.

You want to have good flow and make sure to start on the right foot from day 1.

Think of it this way: it would be silly to show up and begin building a highway on top of an uncleared pathway, it would be full of rocks, trees, holes and other things that would stop you in your tracks.

What to Expect in this Portuguese Learning Series

In this series, you will get something different and special: a personal blueprint on how to speak Portuguese in under 6 months (or faster)!

This will be based on my experience and success in learning to speak Portuguese, plus the help and questions I get from others.

Needless to say, my intention is to have you speeding up and down the “language Autobahn” in no time!

Cruise up and down language Autobahn in your Portuguese speaking!

I am going to start by showing you how to create your Portuguese-speaking blueprint, and then walk you through each step of it – week after week – until it’s completed.

Throughout this fun adventure and each step of the way, you will get to learn relevant stories, tips and tricks that will lead you to reach your goal – fluency!

Here is What You Do Next

Maybe you are one of the 95% who have tried to learn Portuguese before and failed and would like a fresh start at being one of the 5%…

…or maybe you are just confused about how exactly to go about learning to speak Portuguese and would like to take the right first steps.

Either way, the Portuguese Acceleration Blueprint is dedicated to your success and here is what I would like you to do so that you don’t miss out on anything:

Update: due to demand, I’ve created a free crash course to get fluent in Portuguese, check it out!.

Valeu – Cheers,


P.S. don’t forget to join the Facebook group!

How To Speak Portuguese in Under 6 Months 002 | The Acceleration Blueprint

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    • I can't either. I came here to learn the language and learn more about my father's culture but now I get why he went to the USA in the first place. This place is NIGHTMARE in every single way shape and form. There are so few positive qualities and so many overwhelming terrible qualities that I can't imagine actually wanting to stay here. And I am no stranger to the country, language or culture. And the people…the absolute worst part. An uneducated mass of puerile and emotionally retarded neanderthals who only think about beer, beach and butt.

    • Live in Brazil, so here is the thing; I really respect your positive outlook and bothering to reply to my negative posts BUT you really need to change the title of your blog. If you live in Floripa then you need to call it Live In FLORIPA not Live in BRAZIL. The south of Brazil is a completely different beast than the rest of the country. I have been to Curitiba twice and it's like going from the Third to First world. Brazil is a terrible country man; everything is more expensive, services and infrastructure are either completely non-existance or seriously poor, the people are flakey and rude, the weather is tumultus and brutually hot or brutally cold (due to the poor infrastructure), the food is healthy but repetitive and boring and there is a serious paucity of culture and non-work activities. Now that being said, I have heard how amazing Floripa is, but my goals in life are not beach, butt and beer. I have found that those ex-pats living n Brazil, who are happy with it, really are focused on just having fun in life; goals, career, family, quality of life in the long term are not priorities.
      So, I would like to get to know Floripa but i's still Brazil. I am getting out of this country soon but it really bothers me when ex-pats hype this country up when the reality is the complete opposite. As the girl Jéssica said above, most Brazilians are TOTALLY shocked when the learn gringos want to live in Brazil. It's simply not worth it. Once Brazilians learn about the outside world, the VAST majority leave if they can or dream about it everyday of their lives.
      If you want to talk up Floripa and the south of Brazil, you have my blessing. However, if you keep refering to Brazil as a whole when you mean Floripa, I am going to call you out on it.
      Keep enjoying yourself man! I don't want to take any of that away from you, but I am getting out this place and soon!!!!

    • José Oliveira…. Do us a favour GO BACK TO THE USA!!! We dont need bigoted people like you lot. What a shame having to read things like that!!! YOU are the worst Brazil can have!!!! GO BACK TO UNCLE SAM!

    • To the page moderator…. "I was going to recommend your page to some people I know who are willing to study Portuguese and know more about Brazil etc. But sincerely,having read the hate speech like those by your reader José Oliveira (or should he prefer to be called Joseph Olive Tree?) being allowed to hang in your website without any further explanation or apologies to your readers (e.g: explanaining to your readers that unfortunately people like Joseph Olive Tree are everywhere and they do NOT represent the general feeling or portrait of a great nation like Brazil. ) – just puts me off from sharing our content. It is a shame, cos what you write is very good indeed. But you should do your bit and moderate the comments in your page, especially hate speeches like that. I am deeptly offended by reading that and will not come back to your website. (and have reported Joseph Olive Tree for hate speech as well.)

    • Hey Cris.

      Sorry you felt offended by José's comment.

      Yeah, I agree that the comment about Brazil from him were pretty harsh and that it doesn't represent the general sentiment.

      And yeah it should have been moderated (my oversight, my apologies).

      The one thing I would like to add to Josés defense though, is that if you follow some of his latest comments, you will notice that he is becoming more positive and upbeat about Brazil.

      I could tell that he was pretty irritated with the way things were going (like many foreigner have been) and that this is now changing 🙂

      It's clearly noticeable by his latest comments on other posts.

      He is now becoming a positive contributing member of this community and a bit of a success story.

      I hope that that doesn't put you off from sharing this community and I promise to be better about moderating in the future!

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